NEW Bellissimo in Stock!!!

Bambino Diapers is pleased to announce that it’s 2nd generation Bellissimo diapers in size medium and large are now in stock and available for sale.

This 2nd generation has the following improvements in size medium.

1) Increased width by appromimately 2 inches, which is now more in line with our original Classico, Bianco and Teddy.
2) Increased adhesion with regard to our tape tabs.
3) Increased thickness of our  plastic backsheet to accommodate for the extra capacity of the absorbent core expansion.

The same changes are also applied to our large with the exception of the increased width.

We appreciate our customers input and hope these changes will be enjoyed by all!

WOULD YOU BELIEVE that our large Bellissimo is the same size as the Dry 24/7 medium diaper but with more capacity and features!
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  1. [...] Seams like Bambino have made some change on the Bellissimo diaper.. Like you see on the info that i have post below this text. That i have copy from the company blog:  [...]

  2. CrazyPants says:

    This is fantastic news! I’m really impressed with how quickly you’ve responded to feedback from your first run of the Bellisimo line. It sounds like you’ve really taken criticisms to heart, and I can’t wait to try the new and improved version!

    Thanks for finding a Canadian distributor as well. It’s very hard to find anything of quality in the North-American market, and I certainly appreciate having such a dedicated company so close to home!

  3. moostermiley says:

    Thanks for the update … can’t wait to try the new ones :)

  4. diaper critic says:

    Wow That is exactly what I asked for to a T. You really have good attitudes about feedback and really appreciate that because that is why you can have the best diaper in the world crown. I also see you treat your customers very well and take ideas and thoughts to heart, kind of like what crazy pants said :) .

  5. SparkyTheBabyFox says:

    i love bambino teddys i have yet to try the new bellissimo diapers from what i seen the new ones sound pretty amazing

  6. Matt says:

    When will these be back in stock in large, they seem to go out of stock too quickly with no waiting list.

  7. John says:

    I have not been Useing your product in the last 5 to 6 mounths after ordering my last balk puchase I really did like the Classico Diapers but they seem to got tighter after wetting and the lardge was way loose and leaked around the legs.
    To me the dry care 24/7 is the best, In fit and comfort and still have a nice style.
    But if the Bellissimo is the same size in your lardge as the Dry Care 24/7 I might order a case, Has any one out there tryed these 2 size of brands be nice to know thanks.

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